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We are the first biotechnology company to be created in Extremadura, and which focused on animal genotyping, mainly the Iberian pig , has evolved until recently reaching what is its main milestone so far, the complete sequencing of the human genome with  NGS NOvaSeq 6000 technology. .


We are a team of experts and passionate about our work. From the beginning we have kept the concern to investigate and continue to improve.

Dr. José Larrasa

Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Diagnosis

Dra. Angela Lacombe Antoneli

Responsible for Quality Control

Sr. José Manuel Moya

Head of Administration and Finance Department

Dra. Alicia Gallego

Specialist in Pharmacogenetics and Mass Sequencing-NGS

Dr. José Fernando Díaz

Specialist in Veterinary Clinical Diagnosis

Lda. Paloma Gomez

Licensed in biology

Ldo. Javier Gómez Román

Specialist in Bioinformatics and Massive Sequencing (NGS)

We work as a team

Working as a team improves productivity and, together with an optimal work environment, also promotes motivation.

Research to improve our lives

Team coordination

The  coordination  of  work teams  is key to getting the most out of the human capital in the company.