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In the same 2016, an important project was started in the poultry sector in Brazil, investing in the construction of farms for the production of fertile eggs, with the highest technology in equipment and biosafety control, seeking to satisfy 100% of the needs of the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Agriculture, and with the ideals of   sustainability and social responsibility.


To be the largest producer of heavy dies, based on the pillars of sustainability, technology and quality.


Become a benchmark in the production of fertile eggs for broiler breeders, guaranteeing the best embryo to have high-quality chicks.


Transparency - Honesty - Dialogue - Adaptability to changes - Results - Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Social Responsibility: We care about generating job opportunities and contributing to the growth of people with few opportunities and studies, providing knowledge, technology and learning.

We seek to re-enter the labor market as a technical workforce, offering quality and comfortable housing.

Adding up all of our heavy matrix and fertile egg production units, 100 residential houses will be built, thus employing 200 direct people and more than 100 indirect people.

Environmental Responsibility:  The projects of our farms are structured in guidelines that act in capturing all rainwater, carrying out treatment and reuse at strategic points such as plantations and plant systems.

Solar panels with energy generation from renewable sources, from natural resources with very low environmental impact, seeking to provide the ideal setting so that the entire production chain and society can live in harmony with nature.

Economic responsibility:  The local economy of the municipalities will be directly affected.

Approximately R $ 2 million will be injected, bringing benefits in various economic segments to cities and states with more than 600 direct and indirect jobs.


Animal welfare:  To guarantee the start of the laying cycle with high production performance without losing results or causing incapacities, we have an efficient air conditioning system, which allows absolute control of the temperature of our aviaries.

In addition, we have an outsourced company that provides high performance controllers and provides conditions for remote control of the place, with fine and detailed monitoring, along with numerous monitoring cameras that allow the birds to be evaluated in real time.

Technological Automation: We offer state-of-the-art technology for time optimization and greater safety for employees, in addition to making our product have higher quality and performance, bringing numerous advantages in zootechnical results and quality eggs, from laying to automatic packaging. . .

Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for poultry feeding, we have an integrated system that feeds all the chicken coops, carrying out automated weighing and distribution according to previously established parameters.

♦ Ultraviolet hygiene: With an efficient UV disinfection system that avoids manual contact with the eggs and is approved by the best international laboratories, we reach a contamination number below 0.02%, thus guaranteeing better quality of the embryos, a high rate of hatchability and chick quality.

♦Compartmentalization: Compartmentalization, the highest level of control and avian biosecurity, every day more and more avian influenza stalks us circulating in several continents.