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Veterinary Clinical Diagnosis

Veterinary Clinical Diagnosis is focused on the detection of pathogenic agents that affect production animals in order to establish treatment and prophylaxis measures effectively and at low cost.


We produce specific autovaccines for each farm against different pathogens and for all animal species.


Complete antibiograms, designed to determine the active ingredients that can be specifically administered to production animals according to the pathology they suffer from and in accordance with the requirements established by current legislation on veterinary drug prescription.

Massive NGS Sequencing

Using the most advanced sequencing platforms integrated with the best bioinformatic analysis methods and thanks to the great experience of our team in NGS projects, we can offer you an integrated and comprehensive solution for your  genomics , metagenomics, transcriptomics or region-focused NGS projects. specific genomics.

Laboratorios Larrasa is the best option if you are looking for:

  • Quality results for your NGS projects, whatever their size, from few samples to large-scale projects with thousands of samples.
  • The most modern platforms of the best massive sequencing technologies.
  • One solution for all aspects of an NGS project, from sample handling to results and interpretation.