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Animal division

At Laboratorios Larrasa, we are proud to offer you our veterinary and animal production laboratory services for the agricultural, food and veterinary fields.

Veterinary laboratory

We detect the pathogens that affect production animals, so that treatment and preventive medicine can be implemented in an effective and low-cost manner.

We offer:

Antibiograms designed to determine the active substances that can be administered to production animals, according to the pathology they suffer from and in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation on veterinary prescription of medicinal products.

Complementary tests for more complex diagnostics, such as ELISA and RT-PCR or microbiome.

We produce farm-specific autovaccines against different pathogens for all animal species.

Autovaccines are manufactured at the request of a veterinarian, in order to treat an outbreak for which no registered vaccine exists.

They are produced on a farm-specific basis, so it is a product made specifically for the client who requests it.

We design and carry out genomic selection programmes in animal species based on NGS technology, for improving productive traits in accordance with the client’s needs (growth speed, fertility…).

Animal production

In 2016, a major project was launched in the poultry sector in Brazil, investing in the construction of farms for producing fertile eggs, using state-of-the-art technology in equipment and biosecurity control.

We were able to meet 100% of the needs of the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Agriculture, and with the ideals of sustainability and social responsibility.

We supply premium quality fertile eggs, with a fertility of over 90% and a hatching rate of over 83%.

We execute and implement projects for the production of fertile eggs and/or poultry reared specifically for meat production, to facilitate the growth of companies in the agricultural sector.